by Allen Lawrence M.D., Ph.D. & Lisa Lawrence M.S., Ph.D.


Dr. Lisa Robyn Lawrence On the Good Vibes- Bad Vibes Program

Dr. Lisa Robyn Lawrence was a guest on the VoiceAmerica’s, Seventh Wave Broadcast Network’s Good Vibes-Bad Vibes program with guest hosts Dr’s. Gay Hilton and George Yuhasz.

The topic was “Balancing Your Life with Huna.” Now you can listen to this program free of commercials and breaks and hear Dr. Lisa Robyn Lawrence discuss and describe Huna and how you can use it in your life to improve your circumstances, reduce stress and prevent illness.

The program is approximately 42 minutes. You can listen to it now or download it and listen to it later.

Come now along with Dr. Lisa Robyn Lawrence, hosts Dr’s. Gay Hilton and George Yuhasz and learn about Huna and you can use it to Balance Your Life.


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